Change Agents for International Education:

Strategies, Ideas, Impact

University of East London – Stratford Campus 


Friday 23 March 2018                                                                                        


50 colleagues from universities all over Europe came to London to consider ideas and strategies to build successful and multi-faceted international partnerships and develop creative ways to support international students' mental health. As well as discussing strategies to support outward mobility and initiatives to foster the development of intercultural competence at home, the conference welcomed Baroness Hamwee, Liberal Democrat Lords spokesperson for Home Affairs and Immigration for a discussion about the impact of Brexit on international activity.

Baroness Hamwee was joined by EUA Committee members Barbara Howell, Associate Dean International, Coventry University and Elissa Williams, Global Education Manager, Keele University.                               


Prof. Dr. Hassan Abdalla,

Pro Vice Chancellor, University of East London

 & Anne Marie Gorisse, President, EUA, welcome delegates to the conference

Celia Partridge, Assistant Director, Partnerships and Mobility,

Universities UK International (UUKi) addresses the conference

Delegates came from universities all over Europe, including France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, The Netherlands & UK

Members of the Committee were joined by Baroness Sally Hamwee, Liberal Democrats Lords Spokesperson for Home Affairs and Immigration

Pictured are: (top row, left to right)

Caroline Davis, (Radboud University, The Netherlands),

Anne Marie Gorisse, (University of Lille, France & EUA President), Michelle Hett, (SRH University of Heidelberg, Germany), Dr. Suzanna Tomassi, (Open University, UK), Melissa Schuessler, (University of Leeds, UK)


(front row, left to right)

Barbara Howell, (Coventry University, UK),

Elissa Williams, (Keele University, UK & EUA Vice President), Baroness Sally Hamwee